About Us

Eternal Homage was originally created in 2014 in Washington, D.C., simply out of passion. A love for all things retro classic and vintage. We pay Eternal Homage to a uniquely curated collection of timeless moments, nostalgia, and icons from 70s-2000s. These golden eras in culture will never be forgotten, and continue to shape culture.

We remember legends and icons as big as Michael Jackson and 2pac, and dont forget the small moments like Mike Jones dropping his phone number in his 2006 hit "Back Then" song.

Classic, timeless, iconic, legendary times. I have a special place in my heart for the 90s and early 2000s simply because that is the Golden Era i grew up in, and you will see that reflected in most content and collections. 

If you love all things retro, classic, and vintage, then you are a Retronaut. Retronauts love going back in time to appreciate and celebrate the culture that made them who they are today. Its bigger than old clothes. Its a way of life, an aesthetic that is unmistakable.

Retronaut, comes from the word astronaut. I have always had an affinity for space, stars, and the possibility of aliens lol (..but seriously) Some people believe heaven is in the stars, so its very possible that when our legends pass away on Earth, their energy is still alive in space or "Heaven". Energy can not be destroyed. Legends truly Never Die. Retronauts are the astronauts of the retro classic vintage culture (join by subscribing), exploring and paying homage to the legends.

So welcome Retronauts old and new and thank you for the support. Whether your here to shop, learn, reminisce or debate another Retronaut about the best decade ever, we have something for you. 

See you at the next event...