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Lets Go! Its a new season of Madden, and a king must be crowned

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In this documentary about the late Christopher Wallace, those closest to him, including his mother Voletta Wallace, recall his tough childhood and early life. Hip-hop moguls such as Jay-Z and Nas speak on his journey to becoming a cultural icon. #LifeOfBiggie

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arguably the greatest return man of all time. Dante Hall was the X factor in any game, and could change the game in an instant.

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It was bigger than Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five. It was bigger than hip hop. It was everyboy's song.


Flash about the distorted artist name, since only two of his band (excluding himself!) were on the track –

"I hated the fact that it was advertised as Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, because the only people on the record were Mel and Duke Bootee."

And about its success –

"It played all day, every day. It put us on a whole new level."

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In 1992, legend called on legend to assist off the court. Michael Jackson got Michael Jordan to appear in his short film for "Jam". Jackson knew the moment would be iconic and made sure to have cameras rolling the whole time, to capture this legendary moments behind scenes. The King of Pop had a side mission to show The Goat how to dance , and in return would learn how to play basketball. Lets just say both did right by sticking their day jobs. Jordan x Jackson, a timeless moment.

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